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14. The Indian Farmer

14. The Indian Farmer
India is an agricultural country. Seventy percent of the Indian people are farmers. They are the backbone of the nation.They produce the food-crops and the oil-seeds. They produce the commercial crops. They produce some raw materials for our industries. Hence, they are the life-blood of our nation.[wp_ad_camp_1]

The Indian farmer is busy day and night. He works in sun and shower. He ploughs the land. He sows the seeds. He keeps watch over the crops at night. he guards the crops against the stray cattle. He guards the harvest against the thieves. He reaps the crops and carries them home. Bullocks are the precious possession of the Indian farmer. He takes care of his bullocks. His wife and children help him in his work.[wp_ad_camp_2]

The Indian farmer is poor. His poverty is well-known to all the world. He cannot get two full meals a day. He wears a piece of coarse cloth. He cannot give education to his children. He cannot give fine dress to his sons and daughters. He cannot give ornaments to his wife. The farmer’s wife has to manage with a few pieces of cloth. She also works at home and in the field. She cleans the cowshed. She gathers cow-dung and pats it into pancakes. She dries them in sun and piles them up; because she will use them as fuel during the wet monsoon months. The Indian farmer is harassed by the village touts. He is harassed by the money-lenders and the tax collectors. Hence, he cannot enjoy his own yield.
The Indian farmer does not posses a suitable residence. He has no good house to live in. He lives i a straw-thatched cottage. His room is very small and dark.[wp_ad_camp_3]

The Indian farmer celebrates the social function in the simplest manner possible. He celebrates a lot of festivals round the year. He celebrates the wedding of his sons and daughters. He entertains his kith and kin and friends and neighbours. He goes to visit his relations. he attends the open-air dramas and the folk-dances in his locality.

The condition of the Indian farmers should be improved. He should be taught the modern method of farming. He should be made literate. So, night-schools should be opened for him. He should be assisted by the Government in all possible ways. Because upon his well-being depends the welfare of Indian.[wp_ad_camp_4]

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