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24. Importance of Computer

24. Importance of Computer
Today computers have been important factor to society because of the way they are used towards education, government, internet, and etc. Most of the people want to buy a computer to be able to us internet. With internet you could chat with people all over the world, research information, buy and order supplies, food, computers, movies, clothing, and etc, so having internet in computers is very helpful for many.

Computers have been tremendously beneficial to the educational system since the style and way it is taught. For example computers have a variety of programs that can help students improve their learning and can also help them with grammar issues. Some computers have a Microsoft Word, which is a program where you can write a letter, essay, memo, cover letter, or short paragraph which can be printed or sent electronically (by email). The Microsoft Word document has tool bar which has many bars to help improve the letter you are writing, a specific tool is the paragraph in the format bar which checks for any mistakes found in the letter, and it can also help find fragment sentences.

The other way computers have helped the education system is being able to have websites for each school that students attend to be well informed about the school and also being able to check their own grades or maybe if a student misses a class he can find the notes or assignments that he missed.

Computers have helped finding criminals in the past or detecting possible terrorist threats against a country. If a mayor or president received murder threats or possible attacks to a large city or airport they would be able to trace down the computer to which it was sent from to find the person. Finding criminals through computers have happen currently, since some of the criminals would likely have a social network like Myspace, Facebook, tagged, or others sites, since these websites are public you’re able to find the location where they are at. Since many people are not careful with what they write online they can easily be detected.

Another reason computers have helped society is through the power of music. Computers have programs such as iTunes that can be downloaded into the computer, other programs are Windows Media Player and Windows DVD Maker. All these programs have music and movies that can put into iPods and mp3 players, it is an easier way to listen to music. In the Windows Media Player you are able burn CD’s and RIP CD’s into the computer and through Windows DVD Maker you make you own DVD of anything or just burn a movie to put into a DVD.

Another important factor why computers have been helpful to people is the use of the programs that can help organizations, government, and public officials. Some of the programs that are used by any individual is the clock, language, and region link which allows to change the clock time on your laptop, or you can change the language, and you can change the location where the computer is located. Most people use it for charts, graphs, and calendar that can be projected in many different events like to show the population of genders, races, and ages. The Government used these charts and graphs for many reasons but they are especially used to find projections like they can see how many people are unemployed in the country, how many have lost their houses, or can also be used to compared past projections with today’s statistics to see what they can fix. In Conclusion, a computer has been and would probably continu to help society in many ways.

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