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6. A railroad platform scene. Essay writing for Students

6. A railroad platform scene.


Travelling by trains is cheap and comfortable, and a railways station is a place of great hustle and bustle. Last Sunday, a friend went to the Chennai central station to see off his friend, who was going to Calcutta by the Howrah Mail. The waiting hall was crowded with passengers, and a passenger’s pocket was picked. The train stamped in, and there was a great rush at the doors of compartments. Coolies in red uniforms were sitting in a line, and children clung to their parents in the great rush.

The guard flew the whistle and waved the green flag, and the engine whistled and the train began to move. The platform looked deserted.


Full Summary for Students

Train travel is highly affordable and easy, so a train station is a place with a lot of activity. Here, we encounter individuals from various regions of the nation dressed in a variety of hues and styles.

I visited Chennai Central Station on Sunday to say goodbye to my friend. He was taking the Howrah Mail to Calcutta. Many passengers of all types were jammed in the waiting area. The line to make reservations was really long. Everyone appeared to be rushing. A passenger had their pocket picked. The pickpocket, however, was apprehended and turned over to the police. I purchased the ticket and exited. We arrived at the station quickly. It was a pretty interesting scene. The coming of the train was anxiously anticipated by the passengers. Some people were smoking or reading newspapers while seated on benches. A few people were pacing the platform. The vendors were really busy.At the tea shop, there was a hurry. The red-clad coolies were arranged in a line.

The train rolled right on. Everywhere there was excitement and noise. At the compartment doors, there was a significant rush. Numerous passengers descended, and many more climbed aboard. On their heads, coolies were spotted carrying bulky bundles of bags. In the intense rush, children clung to their parents. The platform as a whole was rather noisy.

Fortunately, my companion was able to find a cosy seat beside a window. It was soon settled. The moment had come for the train to leave. The guard displayed the green flag while blowing the whistle. The train started to move as the engine whistled. Waving hands and hand kerchiefs were present. The train picks more speed while it stays in the stations. The platform once more appeared to be vacant.


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