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7. Scene at a Bus Stand || Essay for Students

7. Scene at a Bus Stand

Free sample essay on A Scene at a Bus Stand for school students. A bus stand presents a cross-section of humanity at large. Especially at a bus stand in a metropolitan city, one can see people belonging to different states and even different nationalities. They wear different dresses and speak different languages, but all are parts of the great human race.[wp_ad_camp_3

A bus stand is a very busy place. There is a continuous inflow and outflow of buses. Most of the buses are overcrowded. Some of them are packed to capacity. People are stuffed in these buses like lifeless commodi¬ties. The condition of the old, the infirm, the ladies and the children is spiteful. In many buses, seats are reserved for passengers of such categories. But most often this rule is not observed in letter and spirit by the selfish passengers.

Buses begin to ply very early in the 31 Morning. The early office-goers rush to catch them. As the day advances, rush also in¬creases. There are long queues at the book¬ing windows. When there is delay in the arrival of a bus, the passengers get bored. They begin to look at their watches every now and then. Some people in the queue spend their time in reading newspapers or maga¬zines. Others discuss some political matters or ‘seams’. Still others just indulge in gos¬sips. Those who feel hungry or thirsty, regale themselves with some refreshment or cold drink at the nearest tuck-shop. Beggars also avail themselves of such opportunities. They just beg or sing to beg.
As the bus arrives, the passengers rush to board it. The queue is often broken. There is scramble between those who want to alight from the bus and those who want to board it. In this struggle, some passengers get their pockets picked. Other loses their luggage. Some of them, especially children, get crushed under the feet of rash and reckless passengers. If any suspicious ob¬ject is found at the bus stand or in the bus, the matter must be reported to the police or the roadways authorities.


Some bus stands become pools of muddy water during the rainy season. Some of them do not have proper sheds to protect the passengers from heat and rain. Others do not have proper arrangement for drinking water or neat and clean eatables. More at¬tention should be given to the comfort of passengers. The beggars should not be al¬lowed to enter the bus stand premises. The vendors’ wares should be surprise checked by health authorities.


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