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​Call center English practice and Scripts:

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In this article, I’m going to write a attractive post which can helps to improve your English speaking skills strong.

Full Course of Call Centre English Scripts[wp_ad_camp_1]

Opening script (Greetings & Call opening)
English: – Good morning/good afternoon/ good evening.
Welcome to BSNL, This is (______), how may I help you?
Hindi:- Namashkar BSNL mein apka swagat hai . Main (_______) apki kis prakar sahayata kar skta/skti hu?
(After listening concern)
(if problem is from our end then)
English:-We are sorry for the inconvenience that you are facing. Sure sir/mam we will help u regarding the same.
Hindi:-Maafi chahenge jo aapko dikat aie hai . Bilkul sir/ mam apki puri sahayta ki jaye gi.
English:-May I have some information from you for better assistance?
Hindi:-Aapki behtar sahayta k liye kya mai aapse kuch jaankari le sakta hu/le sakti ?
TSE has to ask following details from customer on every call as per required
For existing caller:-
English:- Sir May I know your register Mobile number/ job id number?
Hindi:- Kya main apka registered mobile number/ job id number jaan sakta hu / sakti hu?
For first time caller:-
English:-May I know your good name?
Hindi:-Kya main apka shub naam jaan sakta hu/ sakti hu?

Kripya :-
Mobile _no
IMEI no. of device is mandatory / serial no./Ticket id no.
Model no.
Customer type,( Where the device hs been purchased from)
Address of customer with pin code( If customer is new)
Email address

English:-Thank you for the information
Hindi:-Jankari dene k liye dhanywad
(TSE has to mention type of device as per IMEI in remarks)

2) Hold Script
English:-May I place your call on hold while I fetch this information for you?
Hindi:-Kya is jankari ke liye main apki call hold pe rakh sakta hu/ sakti hu

3) Hold Reminder Script
English:-Thank you for being on line, it will take some more time to check your information please be on line..
Hindi:-Hold pe bane rehane ke liye dhanyawad apki information check karne mein samay lag raha hai kripya line pe bane rahiye

4) Hold End Script
English:-Thank you for being on hold
Hindi:-Hold par bane rehne ke liye dhanyawad


5) Call transfer Script
English:-Please stay on the line while I transfer your call to my senior for better assistance
Hindi:-Kriypa line pe bane rahiye jab tak main apki call  behtar sahayta ke liye apne senior ko transfer kar raha hu

6) Supervisor Script
English:-Thank you for being on line. Your call has been transferred to senior. I am (______). (senior will continue the call)
Hindi:-Line par bane rehne ke liye dhanya wad.  Apki call senior ko transfer ki gayi hai. Main (_______) baat kar rahi hu.

7) Further assistance Script
English:- Is there anything else may I help you with
Hindi:-Kya iske ilava main apki koi aur sahayata kar sakta hu

8) Closing Script
English:-Thank you for calling Datawind. Have a nice Day. Or have a nice time.
Hindi:-Datawind  me call karne ke lie dhanyawad. apka din shubh rahe. Ya aapka samay shubh

9) Down time Script
English:- Due to technical upgradation we are not able to check your information please call us after 1 hour.
Hindi:- Mafi chahte hai k technical upgradation ke karan aapki jaankari check nahi kar pa rahe hai kripya  1  ghante baad call kare.

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