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Hi guys! And Welcome back to the SpeakFluent.In (Speak Fluent on YouTube). In this article, I am going to write “which helping verb comes with Following Subject, eg.-I,we, you, They etc .. .

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Which Helping Verb comes with Following Subject

Sr.No. Subject Helping Verb
1 This/That Is/Was
2 These/Those Are/Were
3 I Am/Was/Do/Have
4 We/You/They/More than one name/Plural Number Are/Were/Do/Have
5 He/She/It/Single Name/Singular Number Is/Was/Does/Has

To undestand the example better, we have given to the table.

Use of ‘Is’ (हैं)


This/That+is…… यह/वह ……है |

For Example :

This is a book. यह एक किताब है |

That is Jigyasa. वह जिज्ञासा है |

This is a pen. यह एक कलम है |

That is a book. वह एक किताब है |

This/That+was…… यह/वह ……था/थी|

For Example :

This was a book. यह एक किताब था  |

That was Jigyasa. वह जिज्ञासा थी  |

This was a pen. यह एक कलम था  |

That was a book. वह एक किताब था  |

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