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Be Self -reliant To Succeed || Success Tips

Be Self -reliant To Succeed

Everybody is anxious to be crowned with success. It is because, one wants to be happy. Whenever I brood over the subject, Swami Rama Tirtha’s elaborate discourse on the same comes to my mind. If one wants to succeed, as he opined, one has to go ahead with sincerity, cheerfulness and self -reliance.

The first stumbling point is fear.

The first stumbling point is fear. We are free from fear, when we treat, “fearlessness” as our garment to protect us. A trembling hand can never successfully pour liquid from one vessel into another.[wp_ad_camp_1]

The vital and the most important principal of success is self – relience

The vital and the most important principal of success is self – relience. When you help yourself, God will help you. Verily, depend upon yourself and you can achieve anything. Nothing is impossible.

To attain self-reliance, we have to climb steps and the basement is cheerfulness. Cheerfulness is a necessity in leading healthy life.

Be not anxious as to the reward of your labours

Be not anxious as to the reward of your labours. Work for work’s sake. Work is its own reward. Without dejection at the past and without anxiety as to the future -work, work, work in the living present. This spirit will keep you cheerful under all circumstances. A living seed requires air, water, earth, ect., to grow. So Nature promises every kind of help to a cheerful and active worker. The way to more light is the faithful use of what we have.

If, on a dark night, you are to travel a distance of twenty miles and the light in your hand shows only up to ten feet, think not of the whole way being unilluminated. You will find light in the darkness.[wp_ad_camp_3]

Look at the stagnant pond and the river. The crystal clear water of the running river is ever fresh, clear, potable and attractive. But, on the other hand, see how odorous, filthy, dirty and stinking is the water of the stagnant pond. If you wish to succeed, follow the constant motion of a river ever progressing.

The moment you turn your back upon success, the moment you cease to think of the result, the moment you concentrate your energy in your present-duty, success is with you. Hence, follow not success; make not success your goal; then and then only success will seek you.

Love is another principle of success

Love is another principle of success. Love and be loved. The hand, in order to live, must love all the members of the body. If it isolates itself and thinks why the whole body should profit by my earnings, there is no hope for the hand, it must die.[wp_ad_camp_2]

The hand can flourish only when it realises its identity with all other organs of the body and does not alienate its own good from the good of the whole body.


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